The Canadian Landscape

Welcome to the Canadian Landscape online gallery by Anthony Neilson

I am an artist who specializes in Canadian mountain landscapes mostly from Alberta and British Columbia.  This gallery was created for the purpose of displaying and marketing my work direct to the customer, or just as a venue for you to browse through my work and find out about it. Please look around, find out about my work, ask me questions! As an artist I enjoy communicating and interacting with those who are interested in my paintings. All the paintings are located under the gallery link.

Why buy a painting from me online?

  • Probably the most important reason to buy art direct from an artist is that you get to interact with the artist themselves; discuss the actual painting and create a personal connection. This is so much more than a traditional gallery can not offer.
  • No pressure to buy anything. You can look around without any pressure, take your time and never feel you need to purchase. This is actually a very nice way for people just to look at my work!
  • Because most of my work depicts specific landscapes, mainly mountains, and I have personal first hand experience of being there, I can often recount the specific trip or experience from being in that place. I can share this with you, I can tell you where the specific location is, what vantage point the painting depicts and the inspiration behind the painting.
  • You can contact me anytime before or after your purchase.
  • You would pay a much lower cost for my work if you buy it directly from me than from a traditional gallery.

Can I see the actual painting?

  • If you want to look at the actual painting before you purchase it or you wish to pick it up in person, that can be arranged if you are in the Canmore/Banff area. You can drop by my house and studio. Please contact me if you want to set up a time.

How to buy a painting from me:

You may purchase any painting that is currently available and not reserved for another customer. The way to initiate the purchase is to contact me directly and firstly find out if the painting is still available and what options are the best for delivery.

The reason I do not offer direct “shopping cart” purchases:

  • Often I am discussing a purchase with a customer who wishes to reserve a painting but have not committed to purchase it yet. For instance they are wanting to talk to over or do research on where they will hang it. I do not want anyone to feel they are in a rush. I will reserve a painting for up to 10 days with no deposit required.
  • There are many different options for delivery which I need to discuss directly with the buyer. Sometimes I can drop off the painting, sometimes it may need to be shipped. Many of these paintings are large and require special shipping methods. Please see my Delivery and Shipping page for details.
Anthony Neilson sketch
Windtower Sketch