Delivery and Shipping

Delivery and Shipping

We can deliver or ship your painting through a number of different methods. If it needs to be shipped, that will require some research into the best methods and pricing, depending on how large the painting is and where it has to go. Please contact me for a quote.

Drop off delivery

If you are in the Bow Valley area we may be able to drop your painting off, or arrange to have it dropped off free of charge. We can deliver as far as the city of Calgary or about a 100km radius from the Banff/Canmore area.

Pick up

If you live in the Bow Valley area, or are visiting, you could drop by my home studio and pick it up yourself. If you need something to wrap the painting in to transport it, please let me know beforehand and we can get it set up for you.


Please contact me for information and pricing on this option. There are many different options to choose from.

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