Snowpatch Spire

Snowpatch Spire © Anthony Neilson

Snowpatch Spire, acrylic on canvas by Anthony Neilson    

36″ x 48″   91 cm x 121 cm  

This is the view of Snowpatch Spire from the top of Bugaboo Spire in the Bugaboos. One of my first paintings to explore the use of intersecting planes of light to try and describe movement and the interaction of the mountain with the sky. I am influenced by techniques of a relative of mine, Lyonel Feininger, an expressionist painter from New York, who studied in Europe.

The image above shows the painting on a standard height, 8′ wall to give you perspective on the size. My paintings are all acrylic on canvas with a 1.5″ “gallery” profile frame. All of the paintings are sold without decorative frames and can easily be displayed without a frame or by adding one to suit your own taste. The exposed 1.5″ edge is left as canvas and the staples are not visible. In my opinion they look fine like that and actually makes it look authentic!

The video below contains some background information on this particular painting. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to purchase this piece of artwork. A high resolution PDF  file is available on request if you wish to examine the painting more closely.

This painting may be reserved for up to 10 days if you want to take your time and consider purchasing it. No deposit is required, just send me an email and ask me to reserve it.

If you want to look at the actual painting before you purchase it or you wish to pick it up in person, that can be arranged if you are in the Nelson BC area. You can drop by my house and studio. Please contact me if you want to set up a time.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my work!